The RoboArm – Ball Thrower

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The RoboArm ball thrower is a patented innovation. It is the world’s fastest ball throwing aid. The Tiltable cup helps in maintaining the natural throw of the user. It does not cause shoulder injury. It can generate speed up to 160KMPH.


    1. Suitable for most of the ball sizes and weight.
      • Cricket Balls – 
      • Baseball – ⚾️
      • Tennis Ball – 🎾
      • Slaz Ball – 
      • Wiffle/Plastic ball – 
      • Leverage SpingBall – 
      • Leverage BananaBall – 
      • Smiley Sponge Ball – 
    2. Changeable Ball Holder direction for more speed and different angles
    3. Inter-changeable Ball Holder
      • For Better Sighting of the ball: Use
        • White Cup for Red Ball
        • Black Cup for white ball
      • For Concentration: Use
        • White Cup for White Ball
        • Black Cup for Red ball

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The RoboArm – Ball Thrower
1,000.001,500.00 excluding Shipping & GSTSelect options
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