Master Digi Pro – Bowling Machine

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Leverage Master Digi is the best two-wheel cricket bowling machine for professional players to develop their skills against speed, swing and spin deliveries.

Full Pitch(66ft/22yards): 160kmph

Balls Compatible:
Cricket Ball, Leverage Machine Balls(100g,120g,140,160g)

  • Quick change of speed/swing
  • Control swing/spin deviation
  • Swing Variations: 21 for every 1 Km Speed
  • Total variations : 42 for each km speed
  • Increase speed by every km
  • An advanced line/length change mechanism
  • Works with Leather/tennis/Machine Balls
  • Made from highly durable plastic
  • Displays machine status
  • An additional line/length change mechanism to achieve advanced variations like Googly/Doosra
  • Intelligent features like Random, Match Practice or Match Situation
  • Can be operated with Battery

The Master Digi Pro is the ultimate cricket bowling machine for serious players and professional clubs. With a maximum speed of 160 km/h and 10 swing levels, it offers unparalleled performance and customization options. In addition to the features of the Plus model, the Pro variant includes advanced random delivery simulations (Level 2 and Level 3), a ball counter for tracking your progress, and compatibility with both battery and autofeeder options. Experience precision training tailored to your specific needs with the Master Digi Pro.


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Master Digi Pro – Bowling Machine
140,000.00 excluding Shipping & GST
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